Governance Structure


GOVERNANCE STRUCTURE Choosing a governing structure for Home on the Hill Supportive Housing, which includes a Board of Directors, and standing committees, has been a first step towards moving the reality of the project forward. Please see the chart below for further detail about this structure.

Board of Directors

Standing Committees

Service Delivery Model Building  Public relations Fundraising Administration




The board of directors is responsible for oversight and governance of all aspects of the corporation. The procedures for electing directors are covered by the by-laws of the corporation and are subject to change depending on the requirements of the Ontario Not-for-Profit Corporations Act presently in revision.


Each committee is led by a director. The director will is responsible for attracting membership to the committee, providing general leadership to the committee and informing the board regarding committee work and forwarding committee recommendations to the board.

Service Delivery Model

The Service Delivery Model Committee is responsible for design of the service components for both the tenants and the family care givers. The committee will be responsible for overseeing the delivery of support services.


The building committee is responsible for all matters relating to obtaining land and the construction of the residence. Once the residence is in operation the committee will be responsible for oversight of the property manager.

Public relations

The public relations committee is responsible for media relations, providing the public and local social service agencies with information relating to mental illness and the progress of the project. The committee resources will include use of Faithlink and Helplink, a social service link. The committee is responsible for maintaining the HOH web site and the creation and dissemination of promotional material.


The fundraising committee is responsible for preparing and submitting funding applications to government agencies and charitable foundations and for conducting community fundraising drives. Initially the committee will be responsible in obtaining funds to support infrastructure development and to provide the equity portion of the revenue required for purchase of land and building construction.

It is anticipated that annual fundraising drives will be necessary in order to finance support services.


The administration committee is responsible for the general administration of the corporation, including maintenance of financial and other records, financial reporting, banking, staffing, contract relations, preparation and filing of government returns.