Governance Structure


GOVERNANCE STRUCTURE Home on the Hill is governed by a Board of Directors which consists of a President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer and other Board Directors. 




The Board of Directors is responsible for oversight and governance of all aspects of the corporation. The procedures for electing directors are covered by the by-laws of the corporation and are subject to change depending on the requirements of the Ontario Not-for-Profit Corporations Act presently in revision.

Governance includes the general administration of the corporation, including maintenance of financial and other records, financial reporting, banking, staffing, contract relations, preparation and filing of government returns.


The Executive Committee oversees the organization’s current ongoing development and makes recommendations to the Board. Members bring their diverse professional experience and skills to this committee. These skills are Psychiatric Nursing, Accounting, Social Work, Educational Administration, Special Needs Consulting, and Health Care Planning. All members of the executive committee are family care-givers. The Executive Committee also oversees the below functions:

Service Delivery Model

Home on the Hill is unique as the organization uses a client/family modality in service delivery. 


Home on the Hill manages a Housing Unit sponsored by the Region of York. This unit is in the Community Hub in Richmond Hill.  Home on the Hill has been approved to receive a housing unit from Richmond Hill Ecumenical Homes.

Community Outreach

Our signature program is the Robert Veltheer Lecture Series on Mental Illness. We meet many families and other stakeholders through the educational events sponsored by this series. Families and clients often find out about Home on the Hill services while attending one of our lectures.


Home on the Hill has been the grateful beneficiary of funds from the Town of Richmond Hill, St. Mary’s Anglican Church, St. Matthew’s United Church and the Richmond Hill Presbyterian Church. We receive private donations often from families and members of the General Public.

Home on the Hill held a successful Gala Fundraiser in October of 2017 which had the support of our provincial and federal representatives who came to this event.

Annual Report

Annual Report 2017 (1)