Vision and Values




Vision, Mission, Values, and Guiding Principle of Home on the Hill Supportive Housing


A caring home environment that projects a sense of belonging, growth and security for all persons.


To provide a quality home environment for people living with mental health issues in our community, by changing the way people are supported.


  • Family engagement and collaboration towards the creation of an innovative, client-centred, and caring home environment for our loved ones, living with mental illness.
  • A home that encourages personal growth and empowerment, is of the highest quality, is inviting and creates a sense of community.
  • Integrity, a commitment to consistency in ethical behaviour and accountability.
  • Open and transparent communication in an inclusive, respectful, and democratic environment.
  • Compassion, an active desire to address the challenges that our loved ones experience.
  • Spirituality, finding meaningfulness and peace, either through traditional religious practice or connectedness to the human community, and nature.
  • Community engagement, working with the faith community, service clubs, health care system and community services to reach our goal of supportive housing.

Guiding Principles: Home on the Hill is guided by the needs of families who provide the majority of care for those with mental illness (Chan & O’Brien, 2011), Our organization augments the informal system provided by families who support and care for their loved ones often in their own homes through the Home on the Hill family support and respite program. Our lecture series, which addresses the educational needs of families and the general public, features well regarded psychiatrists, medical doctors, psychologists and medical writers. Home on the Hill now has its first supportive housing unit at York Region’s Community Hub and takes part in community outreach through the Home on the Hill cook group which provides a free lunch to members our community at St. Mary’s Anglican Church.