Donor Recognition

Home on the Hill Supportive Housing would like to thank the following people:

Home on the Hill was the proud recipient of the Mayor’s Golf Tournament in June of 2015.  Our organization received $20,000 from the proceeds of this tournament.  We will be using this money for the development of our programming to support families who care for those with serious mental illness. Home on the Hill has gratefully received another grant from the Town of Richmond Hill to fund its cooking program.  We are the proud recipient of the Councillor Karen Cilevitz’ Skating Party and the Fundraising Drive of the Grade 8 Students of  St. James Catholic School, Tottenham


Marj Andre – Communications

Dr. Mark Berber, Psychiatrist – Speaker Series

The Rev. Dr. Derek Davidson – Speakers Series

Marvin Ross-Speakers Series

Dr. David Dawson – Speakers Series

Dr. Michael Sarin-Speakers Series

Maria Ricupero, R.D.,CDE, MHSc Registered Dietitian-Speakers Series

Ana Long-Speakers Series

Dr. Paul Kohn-Speakers Series

Dr. Amir Barsoum-Speakers Series

Dr. Rus Sethna-Speakers Series

Susan Inman-Lecture Series

Murray MacAdam, Anglican Diocese of Toronto – Speakers Series

Malcolm A. Freeman – Architectural Design

Michael Smith, Graphic Artist – Logo

The Rev. Ruthanne Ward – Faith Communities Advocacy

        The following organizations:

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation – Grant

Pollination Design – Web Design

St. Mary’s Anglican Church, Richmond Hill – Web Hosting

St. Matthew’s United Church, Richmond Hill – Grant

St. Matthew’s United Church UCW (United Church Women) – Grant

The Toronto Community Foundation Altair Fund – Grant

Shepherd Photographyemail – 647-522-9680 – Photography