The March 18/20 Lecture on the Mental Health Act  with Dr. Tom Ungar, Psychiatrist-in-Chief, St. Michael’s Hospital, Associate Professor, Psychotherapies, Humanities and Educational Scholarship, University of Toronto has been postponed due to the COVID Pandemic.


The June 28/20 Luncheon at Oakview Terrace featuring Speaker, Heather Skoll on Self Compassion for Family Caregivers has been postponed due to the COVID Pandemic.


Home on the Hill is delighted to welcome Dr. Nick Kates who is Chair and Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioural Neurosciences, and Associate Member of the Department of Family Medicine at McMaster University. He is Director of Programs at Hamilton Family Health Teams.  Dr. Kates will speak on “Family centred care in a collaborative care model”.   A question and answer session will follow the lecture.

Date: Thursday, Mar 5th, Door open at 6:30 pm. Lecture begins at 7pm

Location: Plaza Suite, Richmond Hill Centre for Performing Arts, 10268 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill.

Registration at   Refreshments, tea and coffee. This event is free although a $20 donation is welcomed.



Thursday, November 7/2019 doors open at 7:30 pm, noted psychiatrist, Dr. David Dawson returns to answer more questions about Schizophrenia. Many did not get a chance to ask their questions during our May 10th event due to time constraints.  He will be accompanied by two people who have schizophrenia who will describe their experience.  This will be an interactive evening providing participants with needed information and also the opportunity to network. This event will be held at the Plaza Suite, Richmond Hill Centre for Performing Arts.  Admission is free although a $20 donation is suggested to cover costs.




Tuesday, September 17/2019 at 7 pm, Queen’s Psychologist Dr Christopher Bowie returns to discuss Cognitive Remediation. This talk will not be  ‘too academic’ and is designed to reach a broad audience. Parents, those who have a psychotic illness, and family members, as well as members of the public are cordially invited to this interactive discussion.  Please check back closer to the time for more details.  This event will be held at the Plaza Suite, Richmond Hill Centre for Performing Arts.  Admission is free, although a $20 donation is suggested to cover costs.




May 10/2019
You are invited to a free lunch (for family caregivers) and panel discussion with psychologist, Dr. Lori Triano, psychiatrist, Dr. David Dawson and Joanna Cheung Art Therapist. Professionals and community members pay $30. Dr. Triano has expertise in grief and trauma and is the current President of the Schizophrenia Society of Canada.
Dr. Lori Triano’s presentation will cover her own personal and professional experience with schizophrenia. How families are often left unprepared. She will discuss symptoms and how they present and how they impact upon functioning at school, work, and in social and recreational  settings. She will talk about coping strategies and seeking support and information.
She is joined by noted psychiatrist, writer and artist, Dr. David Dawson. Dr. Dawson’s presentation will discuss the onset of  schizophrenia. The diagnoses of schizophrenia may have different  success followed by developing  social failure in adolescence, isolation and retreat, compensatory and seeking  behaviours, and then delusions & disorganization.  Another group has information processing problems through childhood, leading to varying degrees of social failure, which in adolescence increases and devolves into psychotic illness.  The connection with autism will be discussed.   He may answer questions about de escalation in a mental health crisis. Dr. Dawson is the former medical director of the Hamilton Psychiatric Hospital and Professor of Psychiatry at McMaster University.
Joanna Cheung, Art Therapist and Social Worker from Markham Stouffville Hospital  will briefly touch upon the history of art therapy, art therapy definition, effectiveness  of art therapy, rationale for art therapy especially for clients who struggle to express themselves verbally, and what a session might look like.  She will include art work from patients who have provided consent and may bring patients who  feel comfortable talking about their experience. Joanna Cheung is a Certified Art Therapist and has practiced as a social worker for thirty years.

This event occurs at the Oakview Reception Centre on Leslie St. from 11 until 3 pm on Friday May 10th.  Participants will be entertained by the Schizophonics and may enjoy an Art Display and small sale of the Home on the Hill Art Progam.  Lunch begins at 11:45 am. Panel presentations begin at  1:15.  Q and A to follow.  Registrations at

“Staying safe in 2019:  What you need to know about the mental health effects of weed; what you need to know about opiates.”

good pic of Dr. Barsoum

Home on the Hill is delighted to welcome Dr. Amir Barsoum back to discuss the very important topic of marijuana use and the development of mental illness. This event is for members of the general public. Professionals from our community are also welcome. He will also discuss the opioid crisis. A “meet the professional” session will follow where audience participants can ask questions of Dr. Barsoum.  This free event is at 7 pm on Tuesday Feb 5, 2019 at the Richmond Hill Centre for Performing Arts. A donation of $20 is suggested for those who are able.  Door opens at 6:30pm. Registrations at

The Richmond Hill Lawn Bowling Club has sponsored a fundraising event on behalf of Home on the Hill on Sunday July 7th, 2019.  This fun event included lawn bowling, food, entertainment and a silent auction. Home on the Hill is very grateful to Richmond Hill Lawn Bowling Club for holding this very successful event.  Doners to the silent auction are  recognized on the “Donate” page.

lawn bowling with a goal

Free Community Lunch

Our volunteers meet at 10 am to prepare the lunch which is served an noon on Fridays.  All members of the public are cordially invited.  The lunch is held in Wrixon Hall at St. Mary’s Anglican Church in Richmond Hill.

Engaging discussions happen at our Community Lunch.

Engaging discussions happen at our Community Lunch.